Old Father Time – The Panic Room (Gravesend, UK) – 22.5/25

Company: The Panic Room Gravesend
Room: Old Father Time
Team: Maxime & Ayah
Date: January 2019
Languages: English

In this room, we intervene as Old Father Time has disappeared. We are 1 hour away from the new years and Old Father Time is not here to reset the clocks at midnight! This would result in the complete arrest of time. This is where we come in, we need to intervene to ensure that, at midnight, time itself will be saved!!

As you can see, this room sounds like a fairy tale. And it was! The decoration is really stunning, and we absolutely adored how we unlock the story of the room ourselves. We really felt like we were characters in a fantastic story!! We loved everything in this room and enjoyed every little bit of it.

As we unlock the pieces of the story, we are also given hints as to what to do next. One thing you will learn from our reviews is that my favourite escape games are ones in which the hints are nicely blended in the room. I really feel like this is the best as you get to figure out the way with very tiny nudges, and without receiving hints which breaks the immersion.

We chose to give the following grades:

  • Story: 5/5
    It’s impossible to give a lower grade because we are IN a story. It was excellent!
  • Ambiance: 5/5
    Everything around us made us feel in this imaginary world.
  • Puzzles: 4/5
    Puzzles were really nice, we only wished there were more!
  • Mechanisms: 3.5/5
    Not so many mechanisms.
  • Averall feeling: 3/3
    We came out of this room absolutely delighted. Just thinking about this room makes me smile!
  • Hosting: 2/2
    Remie was a great game master =)

We escaped in 34:19 min, which is the only downside of this room. It felt too short for us. We even took our time (we had just had dinner) which wasn’t so bad since it allowed us to stay longer in the room.

We recommend this room! Even for enthousiasts, because we feel like the whole experience is worth it. In this room it’s not really about the challenge, but more about living through the story. And because there aren’t so many puzzles, I imagine that this room can also be succesfully escaped by beginners. But because of the limited space, I would not recommend more than 3 players.

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