Defective Detective – The Panic Room (Gravesend, UK) – 24/25

Company: The Panic Room Gravesend
Room: Defective detective
Team: Maxime & Ayah
Date: January 2019
Languages: English

I was intrigued by that escape room after reading that this room was a humoristic one. I wondered what kind of experience this one would be, but was sure I would enjoy it, even just for the originality of it.

Basically there has been a murder and we are called to help find what happened after a previous detective made a mess beforehand (he apparently also managed to lock some of the evidence, a very bad detective indeed!). We arrive and we are given a phone which will help us ask for some forensic help in case we find prints etc. We loved that aspect of the game! When we imagined the ideal escape game we would create, we had thought about having a similar aspect, so that was definitely a pleasant surprise to see it in practice.

The game revolves around puns, which is a lot of fun, but can also be quite complicated for non-native english speakers! We did miss quite a few word plays, but when we understood them we did have a laugh. Actually, to this day, we still joke regularly about one of the word plays of this room.

We found that this room was really well designed. We get the feeling that we are really investigating what happened, but we also enjoy how clever the jokes are which help not take ourselves too seriously. At the end it was a lot of fun, but a tiny bit frustrating when we completely miss the puns because english is not our language.

We chose to give the following grades:

  • Story: 5/5
    We are doing an investigation in this room, so the room revolves around the story!
  • Ambiance: 5/5
    The environment looks real, we really feel like we are in the appartment of someone.
  • Puzzles: 5/5
    The puzzles were interesting and puns were really clever! We enjoyed many of the puzzles.
  • Mechanisms: 5/5
    There were some mechanisms, it seemed appropriate for this game.
  • Averall feeling: 2/3
    We missed too many things because of the language barrier, but we still enjoyed ourselves a lot.
  • Hosting: 2/2
    Aaron was super nice and hosted us very well!

We escaped in 59:23 min. Aaron admitted to us that he thought we were not going to finish in time when he saw how much we had left at 10 min from the end. And then he got surprised when he gave us a hint to help us out and that we just solved one puzzle after the other after that!

I really recommend this room. I think even for non-native english speakers, IF you feel comfortable with english and would still enjoy the puns even if you don’t figure them out on your own.

And just because, here’s a video of the word play restaurant, I love it so much!!
I think it’s a good training to see how comfortable you would be with english word play 🙂

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