Revolucion Ole! – The Panic Room (Gravesend, UK) – 24.5/25

Company: The Panic Room Gravesend
Room: Revolucion Ole
Team: Maxime & Ayah
Date: January 2019
Languages: English

We picked this room because it was one of the most difficult one at the location. I really wanted the challenge. But I was not prepared, I didn’t know what to expect.

In this case, I really felt like it was a different concept. A concept I simply adored!

We arrive in the President’s office, and our goal is to try to find information that he has in his office on different parts of the country (media, economy, labor, pope and military) and their opinions on certain policies. We want to find the information as the streets are full of riots, and we have to propose immediate reforms which the different parts of the country are in favor or against. These reforms don’t please everyone so it is up to us to choose what will please the most people and at the end of the game, if we chose correctly, everyone will support the revolucion!

The tricky part of this game is that we have to find the information hidden in this office. For that part it’s really just like any other escape game. The difference lies in the fact that we have to take decisions regarding the reforms regularly in the game, so it adds that layer of difficulty. You are forced to have a rhythm to open different parts of the office at the right time to be able to plan for future decisions. The reforms start after 2 minutes in the game and then they arrive regularly, and you have 5 minutes to answer them, the problem being that if you wait too much, you won’t be able to respond to all of the reforms.

At the end of the game, we realized we had lost, that’s when I turned to Maxime with a huge smile and told him “this is one of my favorite games!”. It really didn’t matter that we had failed, because I enjoyed every minute of this game!

We chose to give the following grades:

  • Story: 5/5
    This whole room revolves around the story. There is a reason we are scavenging through this room. We are not just opening boxes to find a key to open a cabinet, etc. No we need to get the information, and we have to read through the documents we get!!
  • Ambiance: 5/5
    The office looks like a proper office. It doesn’t need more in this context.
  • Puzzles: 5/5
    A few puzzles, but just what is needed for this specific story. If there would be more, the room would become impossible to do!
  • Mechanisms: 5/5
    Not so many mechanisms in this room, which was totally fine and consistent with the story.
  • Averall feeling: 2.5/3
    Very challenging room. A lot of fun! The only downside was that we were only 2, and we were quite stressed the whole game, which took a bit away from the enjoyment.
  • Hosting: 2/2
    Adam was a great game master, he sure contributed to our satisfaction with this room.

I recommend this room if, like us, you love to play a story based escape game. This room is really challenging and I do recommend being more than 2 people to fully enjoy it, although we enjoyed it despite failing! Being only 2 just makes it even more stressful as we need to solve the puzzles to unlock cabinets while also reading contents that can help us answer questions. But this concept is great and we loved it!

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