The Refuge – Annithink (Grimentz, Switzerland) – 20.5/25

Company: Annithink
Room: The Refuge
Team: Maxime & Ayah
Date: December 2018
Languages: French, German, English

After a nice day in the mountain, where we tried some sledging, we headed to the Refuge. It’s a nice place in the village, very easy to find. We were a bit early, since we were wiped from the day, and didn’t feel like doing anything else than just waiting around 😛

We were nicely welcomed by the game master, and she proceeded to tell us why we were here. We had to escape the refuge as quick as possible, given that a storm was on its way. But the gardian of the refuge decided to make our task more difficult by attaching one of us in the Refuge.

One thing that I usually hate hate hate hate in escape games in general is when people are split. When I first heard one of us was going to be attached, I internally rolled my eyes and thought to myself “This is NOT going to be fun”. I was worried that one of us would be attached, and so incapable of doing anything… I was however pleasantly surprised to find out that although Maxime was attached to a rope, he was still capable of moving in all of the room. He was simply prevented from escaping.

So here we were, scavanging through the room, looking everywhere, and we did a pretty good job given that we are both the worst scavengers one can find. We went quickly through the room, and at the end of the game we were happy to hear that the game master enjoyed watching us. Of course we ended up asking for a clue for something that simply required a bit of scavenging and observation. We really need to improve this.

We chose to give the following grades:

  • Story: 3.5/5
    Although there was a backstory, it was not the core of this escape room. However we were pleased to learn that some pictures in the room are from a real mountain guide. So we gave the story above average, but not a lot more.
  • Environment: 4/5
    The place looked like a real Refuge, and the decoration didn’t look cheap or bad. We didn’t give a full grade simply because there are some rooms which go a long way to offer a crazy good decoration, and we reserve the good grades for them!
  • Puzzles: 4/5
    The puzzles were fun. There was one which we dind’t find very clear, and we also would have liked to have more puzzles (we’re very greedy). But it was really good in terms of puzzles they offered.
  • Mechanisms: 4/5
    There were some nice mechanisms which we enjoyed a lot. But nothing over the top which would have given them a full grade.
  • Averall feeling: 3/3
    We were really satisfied when we escaped. We didn’t have any feeling of frustration (except towards ourselves for the tiny lack of observation). This room was a lot of fun!
  • Hosting: 2/2
    Our host was absolutely lovely. Because we had finished quickly, we spent a good amount of time discussing. Good hosts really make the experience a lot better!

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