Le Joker – Omescape (Lyon, France) – 9/10

Company: Omescape Lyon
Room: Le Joker
Team: Maxime, Grégoire, Matteo, Fred, Romain & Bernard
Date: February 2017
Languages: French and English

Before my wife and I started this crazy adventure of escape game addiction, I had the privilege to try my first escape room thanks to my friends at my bachelor party.

It was a great first time, I still think after all the ones I did so far that this room is a good one!

We start as two seperate teams, and then we need to collaborate until the rescue team can find the kidnapped team. It’s only then that we can escape together.
I liked the fact we had to collaborate without physically being together. The puzzles were enjoyable and we had a blast.

I recommend being at least 5 people to fully enjoy it 🙂

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