The Dollhouse – The Panic Room (Gravesend, UK) – 19.5/25

Company: The Panic Room Gravesend
Room: The Dollhouse
Team: Maxime & Ayah
Date: January 2019
Languages: English

We wanted to try a scary room. In this room, we end prisonners of a deranged killer who has an obsession with dolls and mannequins.

On a scary level, as people who are obsessed with horror movies and make sure to watch them in the theaters each time a scary movie comes out, I would say it’s not really scary. I still felt “uncomfortable” a few times (in a good way, since I’m looking for thrills), but not enough to scream or cry.

In general we enjoyed ourselves. Although there were many locks, some puzzles are story based and are interesting.

We chose to give the following grades:

  • Story: 3.5/5
    Not all of the puzzles have a direct link to the story, or at least we didn’t manage to see the link, but the story is still present and we do get to know more about the killer.
  • Ambiance: 4/5
    The environment is nicely creepy.
  • Puzzles: 4/5
    There wasn’t many puzzles, but they were interesting and we enjoyed solving them.
  • Mechanisms: 3.5/5
    Not many mechanisms.
  • Averall feeling: 2.5/3
    When we book for horror, we can’t help but expect a horrifying experience. But I understand that it should still be enjoyable by most people. It’s just that our threshold is quite high when it comes to scariness. #Conjuring2IsTheBestHorrorMovieEver
  • Hosting: 2/2
    We thank Claire for the great for the great hosting!

We escaped in 45:44 min.

We definitely recommend this room!

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