Big Bang – Trapgame (Charrat, Switzerland) – 18/25

Company: Trapgame
Room: BigBang
Team: Maxime, Ayah, Mickaël, Mattéo
Date: January 2020
Languages: French & English

In this room, your friend Leonard, a genious writer/ game designer, has been kidnapped and you have to find his creation, the Trapgame cartridge. You will find yourself in his basement that he transformed into a private arcade room, looking for the famous game.

In fact the room is made in a truck trailer but the set is well done and you don’t feel in a truck trailer. The room is announced for 2 to 4 players, we found 4  was a bit crowded. The design is linear and 2 times only 1 player could do the puzzle while the other were waiting.

We chose to give the following grades:

  • Story: 3/5
    The story exists but does not really take part of the game.
  • Ambiance: 4/5
    We didn’t feel inside a truck trailer, the decor was nicely made according to the theme.
  • Puzzles: 2.5/5
    There was not many puzzles and there were easy.
  • Mechanisms: 4/5
    Most of the actions to do were mechanims.
  • Averall feeling: 2.5/3
    It was generally good but a a bit short and easy.
  • Hosting: 2/2
    Trapgame is always good as hosting.

We escaped in 29 min and felt it was a bit short, not many riddles.

This is a classical room with mainly mechanisms and easy puzzles. I recommend it for new players, or a group of 2 experienced players.

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